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Handymen are skilled and qualified technicians who work on odd and minor repair and remodeling jobs mostly in and around houses. Choosing the right handyman for the upkeep of your home means fast fixes and installations at very reasonable rates. ML Handyman is a company working in San Rafael, CA and providing effective repair, remodeling, and installation work. What can I do for you and what are the specifics of my job? You can find the answers further down this page!

The Services I Provide

You will recognize me by my tool belt and my smile. I try to offer the most worthwhile and efficient handyman service in the neighborhood. I am a competent and polite technician who can be engaged in any small remodeling tasks, plumbing, AC, and electrical repairs. I also provide reliable painting, landscaping, and fencing services. I can apply plaster and stucco to the interior and exterior walls. Familiarize yourself more with what I can do on my Services page!

Handyman service

My Working Techniques

If you are planning minor construction or remodeling work, speaking with and getting quotes from construction contractors can cost you a lot of time and money. Instead, why not take advantage of my handyman construction services that provide safety, protection, and top-quality work at affordable prices. After I verify all the details with you, I can suggest some top-notch materials and book a start date.

What Do You Gain?

Your home might need plumbing & electrical upgrades or kitchen and bath remodeling work. Instead of hiring several separate contractors and paying multiple fees, come to me for professional general handyman services. I will plan everything attentively and talk to you about all the decisions I make. From me and my work, you can expect great communication and quick repairs.


I take pride in the fact that my local handyman services are preferred by so many residents in San Rafael, CA. To learn more about them, contact ML Handyman today.

Client’s Testimonial

by Andrew on ML Handyman
He fixed some items including fix one off our it’s lighting Patio Doors

He’s the best I call he comes and fix our door!!!

ML Handyman
San Rafael, CA 94901
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